What makes a good artist- Part 1

I know that when I post and talk about hip-hop I can seem unconventional at times. I'm pretty sure some people think that I am just trying to go against convention just to be doing so but believe me I don't. Those people are just as bad as the people who never question artists who are designated by the public as the guys who are hot. People like Drake and Lil Wayne today get a pass just because they are popular, I rank them much lower however.

as an overview, I would have to say the most important things are a combination of lyricism, emotion, and overall song creation are the three most important things for me when judging an artist. Lyricism holding slightly more weight but I enjoy artists who are able to bring across an emotion in a song and who aren't scared to do so. Most of todays artists who are popular have that problem. You don't get anything that makes you feel like Rick Ross has been in your shoes when he raps. Hell, until recently, I would say Ace Hood didn't get it either, then he released Blood, Sweat, and Tears and several of the songs let me know that he gets "it".

Being emotional is not to say an artist is acting like a bitch but that he or she is getting across a certain feeling. Listening to "Get Rich or Doe Trying" you feel 50's aggression and determination to make it or die before he lives broke. That's an expression of emotion. DMX might be one of the best at emoting in the history of hip-hop. Just listen to "Stop Being Greedy" and tell me you don't feel his passion and pain, the entire album is one big exercise in how to create emotions. Even still when you look at his features on songs such as "Why We Die" from the Busta Rhymes album "Anarchy".

My favorite current artist at the time is Joe Budden and that is literally because of his ability to express himself on the track and to expose himself. Many times he drops freestyles about his personal relationships and the way he feels and I know that other artists do so but are too concerned with having the image of being infallible.  Here is "10 minutes" from his first album where he just lays out his whole entire life.

To me he might be able to be a top 5 emcee if he could put together some of the other items that I would list when thinking about the best rappers, but two important ones that he has are great lyricism and ability to emote. the number one rapper ever, point blank is Jay-z and he has the best mix of overall talent when it comes to lyrics and song creation and occasional ability to emote. "Song Cry" and "Hard Knock Life" are two sterling examples of that ability. 

This is why I look at someone like J.Cole and I just don't believe him. While he can rap, the words he deliver are devoid of any real substance. He knows what you want to hear but he can't let himself loose enough in them to become one with the music. I feel the same thing about a Wacka Flocka and Rick Ross. They may be on the opposite spectrum of topics of a Cole but yet when I hear them, I just hear rap. Just literal words that don't have anything in the way of meaning behind them. Point blank, I know after seeing some of my recent posts including rankings and etc, you may want to know what comes to my mind when we talk about good rappers or mc's. This is just a taste believe me.


  1. I only agree with your words but not with who you reference. Drake and Wayne are two of the most emotional "popular artist" out. Drake's whole first album/ mixtape was about coming up in hip-hip and the women in his life and how things changed when he got big. Listen to "karaoke" "fireworks" and a mixtape cut "say you will" (it's over the kanye bet) Wayne smh "blunt blowin" "I'm me" ....... And mixtapes well he is the mixtape KING no one has even done what he has done on mixtapes a couple of years ago he was housin everyone in hip-hop for there tracks. My favorite artist is Kanye West he continues to surprise me with every album and his word play is rediculious. Holla at me

  2. I would say first that mixtapes don't count if you don't do it on your album. I understand emotional but i don't feel any story listening to Drake whine and sing about women the entire album without knowing what or where he came from. None of the Wayne songs are about anything when you listen to him and he goes from one subject to another without any focus. You have to establish yourself as some time of person other than the fact you're a famous artist and thats the problem with Drizzy. He is like an empty shell as is Fabolous. thanks for reading.


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