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So this might be one of those posts people tend to gloss over because they don't see the splashy name and headline at the top but I implore you to take a look and a listen as I showcase some more of the talent that you may not know quite yet.

Forst up there is an artist I have here who goes by Wingspan. Now this video I'm going to show you grabbed my attention because it was good, cinematic, and the song is a real song. Not just some I get money throw it around stuff either. The beat is a good blend of a classic Isley brothers sample too.

The one complaint I have is that Wingspan doesn't get into the reason behind said feelings of despair in the song. It's just more of a "I have pain so I want to get rid of it" song. Produced by Copywrite, the song has a feel to it more than I can say with recent songs I've heard from the likes of J.Cole and other more well-known underground or up and coming artists. The song is pretty decent so check it out.

Next up is Rashid Hadee who hails from Chicago. The first song I heard was "Neighborhood Thang" which uses an interlude from Bone's the Art of War for this beat and an introduction. Rashid handles the production very well and his verses are tough as he talks about something we all know about, the neighborhood. Definately check out Rashid by clicking here and getting "Leakage The Prep" and give this up-and coming artist a listen.

One of the artists I always try to promote is Gods'illa from Washington DC. I consider them a less extreme Dead prez with the same good production that sets them aside from a lot of similar artists in lyrics and subject matter. Their latest release was the CPR Blendtape:

I would suggest that you check this out as well for some professional sounding uplifting hip-hop .

Now my final artist I'm going to promote for you is Prophet Nelson from Baltimore, who just released his first single, "Famous", which you can listen to here. He also just launched his website which is , so head over there and listen to what he has to offer. Don'y worry, pictures are coming soon. Remember to support the new artists out and keep the game alive and fresh.


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