Luke putting a tax on rappers in Miami?

So one new issue in hip-hop is an editorial piece that Luke wrote in the Miami New times. You can go ahead and read it here:

Luke's Gospel

So Luke is tired of people coming into his city and profiting from the lifestyle, getting enjoyment and partying all crazy without giving back. I understand his anger and meaning behind this 'threat' but this tone probably wasn't the best way to get it across.

Hell I've been saying on this very blog that guys like Puffy need to be doing more for the neighborhoods and give less money to the strippers at King of Diamonds. I would love to see them video and promote themselves doing a public service. How about a "Clean up Harlem day: Sponsored by Ciroc" , there are plenty of things that he could be doing other than threatening guys who show up to parties drinking Grey Goose. Wayne could do more than show up on DJ Khaled remixes and talk about how much of a Blood he wants to be, he could be stopping actual teenagers from being in gangs where they're going to get killed. They could put together and fund a recreation center or fund a project every quarter all around the country. Just think if they each put in half a million at the beginning of each year what they could do in terms of helping. What about choosing applications each year from each city they're from to do a neighborhood makeover and general maintenance. Extreme making over a school hip-hop style. These are the things that our leaders in hip-hop should be out doing if they really know where we are from and want to help out people who are just like them. Think about it.


  1. Luke would probably do better to use the shame tactic - doing projects himself, asking the hip hop elite for help then expose those that refuse. Or putting an organization together and making it high profile thus attracting those to it because its the next "cool thing" to be in.

    But the threats are laughable and dangerous at the same time. We've all seen how disagreements between rap artists escalate to beefs that escalate to someone getting hurt or killed. All over some bullshit. Rapper's today don't know to play anymore. So Luke needs to be careful about how he wants to do this especially considering that its for the betterment of the community and the black community in particular.


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