Wayne is still confused

So I looked at Worldstar and they have a new video about Wayne and his "Public Service Announcement" and this is a reflection of what he felt about Steve Job's death. However, I'm confused as to what the hell he is talking about. On one hand, he is talking about how he wants to be remembered. Now this isn't to say he makes good points, such as an overall message of doing things because you want to do them and you're passionate. I can agree with him and do applaud him for saying that.

However, at the same time he wants kids to be independent yet say they do it because their idol does it even though it may not be a reasonable endeavor for them. For instance when he talks about getting his tattoos because he wanted to be like Tupac, but really did it make sense? If a young person wants to get tatted up because Wayne does it and Wayne is passionate so he's completely covered does it really make sense when this person isn't an entertainer and has to survive in the real world? What about the 'gang' affiliations that he has that are superfluous and young people who want to bang and be for real about it? That doesn't make it any better.

Now I doubt you'll watch the entire video but the actual good parts are at the end where Wayne actually does the shit he needs to do in his music, talk about the reality and the hard work that goes in and what really matters. That was good, but why are all of his songs so empty then if he is so passionate? That bothers me to no end because it seems like he can't bring himself to fully believe what he says in this video.

If I backtrack to the beginning however, as Wayne talks about how he was influenced, and questions the adults whom he followed and mimicked, I take issue with the fact he is deflecting and asking why they drank so much which influenced him in the end. Well Wayne, it's the circle, each generation is reflecting that which came before only it gets more extreme as certain behavioral boundaries get pushed and considered the norm. So until someone like say Dewayne Carter steps up and admits there is no reason for him to continue to promote the smoking, drinking, and gangster lifestyle, and push his peers to explain themselves and possibly change their views, the generations who now look up to him will follow and do the same things. Look at all the young boys with facial piercings now since weezy has gotten them.

I feel the same way about Puff, and Snoop to name two icons. What will Snoop do if Corde comes home one day and tells his father he wants to be a Crip. Does Snoop jump him in? Take him on a drive-by? Run a train on a teenager with him? How does that play out. What if he decides he actually wants to be a Blood since Wayne is one? This goes back to what i speak on a lot about responsibility and Wayne doesn't have to have a pole in his house (he showed his studio in the video) because he is in the strip club so regularly it's not even funny. Things like that take him down a notch but he is a year younger than I am, he no longer has the right to tell me how adults led him in a particular direction because at this point he is right, he has to make his own choices. His comments about being passionate and making that terrible rock album were laughable as well because the actual sales numbers do not mean it was legitimate or a good rock cd.

Some things in this I chalk up to general arrogance and the truth. He can say he is doing it for passion, but of course once he says that, as an opinion leader, those who follow him will also say they have real passion and you cannot disprove that. Only they can in the future and I fear that many of our youth will feel regrets (well they will say they don't regret anything because that's the rule isn't it?) when they get older and they are looking at all of these old faded tattooed remnants of their past that don't hold the meaning they thought it would. At 24 you haven't lived enough to have your body pretty much covered like so many people have. There are so many more meaningful events that will occur, how do you ignore that?

Let me sigh because I feel like I'm rambling on. Wayne I'm with you on the idea that people need to know why they do what they do, and admit it if they're going to do it. I just wish you as an artist and person who influences culture put these ideas forth more consistently as you do the exploits of being rich and being a "G" in your music. Embrace your role as an adult and role model and steer the youth away from the direction where only a rich rapper can really still be successful and promote ideas that will foster growth in the community.


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