Puff is officially gone...

I used to be a fan of Puffy. Even though he had killed his own label by focusing on himself as the main attraction and couldn't launch acts successfully after featuring them for weeks on MTV. I don't drink but he built the ciroc brand into a formidable entity and his Sean John label is the only line of hip-hop urban gear that still has life left in it. He has dabbled in acting and spreading out his management talents even though I wonder about the benefits to a Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj, who changed her mind and got out of that deal. But he has officially dropped that straw on this camel's back.

First let me give props on this video to Grindhd.com and DMV Followers for this video taken in Atlanta after the BET hip-hop awards. For those at work or who can't make out what's going on, Puff gets on his "Ciroc Boys" shit in the club and then calls out a dude who has a bottle of Grey Goose in the crowd, threatening him and talking trash. TI finally gets the mic and tells everyone that if they want to fight to let him know so he can get out before he ends up blamed and back in jail...again.Funny, TI is the calmest person, because he has the most to lose.

This behavior needs to stop. This entitled, I hang around dudes in the studio who drink henny ciroc and smoke blunts while talking about shooting people so I think I'm tough attitude has no place in hip-hop especially from a hundred millionaire. This is that same attitude young guys like Big Sean come into the game with like they've done something. This is that bad example that Puff continuously puts out and it pisses me the hell off. He needs to grow up, as TI said , "let them drink what they want, you got too much money for this" . Bodyguard right next to you while you wild out is not tough when it's dudes who been waiting for years for the chance to put hands on you just to prove you're not a tough guy. Calm down the antics Sean, you're supposed to be a role model.


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