2 Chainz proves it's hard to get it

So another issue of a dude who represents the 'real' in the streets going wrong was also recently evident in Michigan. Let me say this- if you don't belong there, keep your ass out of Michigan people, it's real up there. So apparently, there was an attempt to jump and rob Tity 2 Chainz at a club appearance after a show he did up north in Detroit. As the story goes, he was going into the club to get his money for said appearance in the back ways and almost got jumped by a group of thugs looking to make a name for themselves. However, another group of thugs intervened and Mr. Chainz was allowed to get away unscathed.

I don't know if the video makes sense to you but here is the real issue that's going on, there are too many dudes who are in the industry who are trying to be business minded still doing business with street niggas and thugs who don't have that same mindset. You see it seems to me that guys make this street music and really start to believe their own hype and forget what it is they claim to know so well and represent. muxh like Young Choppa Coty last week, 2 Chainz has been out talking this thug swag shit and dudes believe it. They also want to be able to say they're thugging more than him and tougher so this is what happens to you. You have got to be more aware of your situation.

Here is the other problem, you want to rep the streets you have to end up in street places, aka, the trap. We know why it's called the trap because thats what the hell it is, a trap. Unfortunately, you cannot do business with everyone and you're going to have to leave some money on the table because there are things that aren't worth the effort. If you never received your money, then you never go to the club you're supposed to be at. There is going to be some kind of problem, guaranteed. Either something like this when you were about to get your money and it's really a scheme to get you, or a situation where you end up in an altercation or worse and your reputation takes a hit. There is a point when you cannot deal with the streets you have to transition out of that or bad things will happen to you.


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