Young City aka Chopper gets shot..surprised?

So I really thought about ignoring this particular situation because I'm like..It's Chopper...from the band...oh well. But I was moved to listen to this audio of him describing what happened to him, all the while realizing he's going to talk even tougher now. Here is the video courtesy of MTV real fast.

So you're driving around a place where no one knows who you are and if they do know who you are, they want to prove something. You're in a flashy car, and instead of just turning your ass around and going back on the highway or to a lighted area that seems safer you stop at a damn gas station. That isn't very smart. Then you rap about the things you rap about, portray the lifestyle that you want to talk about and glamorize and then ask why someone shot you? You're from the hood you say, you have your face tatted, your chain says M.O.E., the wack ass music you put out is talking about just this same thing and you wonder why this happened to you? You asked for it dog.

Much like i've been trying to reiterate recently, you have to somewhat be what you say because when things happen to you, you need to understand why. You may want to think it's just entertainment and for many rational people we understand just that, the problem is there are people who really do the shit that you say you do and they're going to do it. They also want to see if you are who you are, so they're going to target you because it kills two birds with one stone.

The other factor is that there are real people getting into the game because you have allowed people who have more than just authenticity into the game by making that an important aspect of rapping. Now being deemed authentic is more important than being able to actually rap so accordingly, they're going to test you and prove their realness because that is all that they have. It should be expected, you promote violence and a certain lifestyle, you can expect it to be as real as you want it to be. Especially, when you can't afford to keep it away from you.


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