Jay-z is the greatest Dad in the world apparently....

Let me say this, I have no hate towards Jay-z for having a kid. Hell it's about damn time. But people we need to get a collective grip for real. He isn't the first father, not the first celebrity father, and I'm pretty sure he isn't the first to love his daughter. I have no problem with him dropping the song, "Glory". In fact, I am proud of him and this is the kind of stuff I've been wanting him to do to expand the definition of being a man in hip hop because too many of these 'fathers' in rap act as if their kids don't exist. You hear one random reference and that's it. Other than Will Smith with "Just the Two of Us", Xzibit  with "The Foundation", and Ja Rule with "Daddy's Little Girl", very few if any artists make songs for their children or inspired by them...that I know anyway, feel free to educate me on some others if you know them.

But the overall fascination from people on the newest member of the Carter family from her name to the symbolism behind it has gotten way out of hand. Women reposting the song on facebook as if no man has ever done anything in the name of their child before and tweeting about how special he is. While there may be plenty men out here who do not represent what is needed from men, there are plenty who do. Much like we claim we value life when a celebrity dies and we go about trying to make meaning out of it, I would rather we use some of that energy to encourage regular people who are not celebrities to continue in their efforts. Maybe Jay can help to get some of these young men to step up and become actually that since he can influence their style of dress to taste in alcohol.

Today Jay has released an "open letter" which is code for shit to show off to everyone much like plenty of people have recently done and it is cute and sweet and hopefully provides a vision of where Jay will go with his music.

“Before I got in the game, made a change, and got rich,

I didn’t think hard about using the word Bitch.

I rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it

now with my daughter in this world

I curse those that give it.

I never realized while on the fast track

that I’d give riddance to the word bitch, to leave her innocence in tact.

No man will degrade her, or call her out her name

the women won’t despise her and call her the same.

I know it’s gonna miss me

cuz we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees

when we all used to hang out front

singing 99 problems but a lady ain’t one.

Excuse me miss, can I be your mister

cuz I can tell the difference from a little girl and a sister,

She never grew up, her father left her alone

I promise not to talk like we used to

until Kingdom Come.

I’m so focused on your future,

The degradation has passed

I wish you wealth, health, and insight

forever young you may pass.

Blue Ivy Carter, my angel.”

Though I don't like the generic nike and crisp tees line it is cool. But also irritating that this guy, with all he has been exposed to over the last decade, is just getting it through his thick skull what some critics have been irritated by during his career which is his language and lack of understanding about his leadership role in the youth of urban America. I know I had a huge problem with him calling Beyonce his "bitch" several times in the past and with this I'm hoping he will cease to do so. 

Jay-z is a role model and a leader, parenthood isn't easy and hopefully he can be an inspiration to young men everywhere to step their games up and realize their actions will directly affect their children in the future and start caring about more than popping bottles in the club.


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