You aStupid Hoe

Nicki minaj actually released a video for this adhd induced song. Honestly, Nicki is very unique and I can give her credit for that but all of the little cartoon gimmickery is old to me, especially when it's so ridiculously overused. This video also has nice color and it does have unique style to it as well, but it is too unfocused for my own personal tastes. Once again, it's something that shows talent and artistry. A good eye but at the end of the day it's just too much all at once. But hey, She is dancing again so that's a good thing.

Oh yes, at the end she calls herself the female weezy, I guess that makes her a clown who is trying way too hard to be different when she could just be herself.


  1. I love Nicki more than any artist, but this shit is wack wack wack. If this album doesn't get pushed back then it will be a crying shame. It's a time when you let your artist experiment, then it's time to say look bitch get in the studio and make a hit single that the soccer moms can play for their kids. Nicki's ability to crossover into pop is what made her more than a mixtape rapper, this Roman Reloaded shit is better suited for a mixtape. Gone.

  2. lol the great 17 makes an appearance lol


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