Why you should be critical too

I've been seen as too critical of a lot of artists, especially today because I think they're wack or squandering talent. One of the main reasons is that I have grown up on hip-hop and realize that to impress me it takes a lot because I have heard a lot of hip-hop. I mean all I was buying when I first started working was cd's and because the labels were putting so much money behind rap, there was a lot to buy.It was a golden era. Guys were getting on but the music was reasonably cultivated to keep the majority of trash below the radar.

I keep getting into arguments with people who tell me I'm just stuck in the past and don't want the game to evolve, that's actually the opposite because all I see now is things getting worse and de-evolving. Just look at rhymes now, what was transformed in the 90's to a serious art of tongue twisting metaphors and similes is now going the opposite way to simplicity or straight forward talk. I can do that. That defeats the point of rapping. How colorful is it to say "I move that weight" on your songs. Not very.

Rap is and should remain a for of musical poetry where people are constantly trying to step up the metaphors and rhyme schemes as well as remain on topic whenever possible. Wayne is one of the better rappers save for the last part because all of his songs are all over the place about whatever next rhyming word comes up and most of the time it involves sex, drugs, or shooting. Most other guys can't even seriously do even that, look at Big Sean, he has some of the simplest rhymes, no good concepts, nor is he a compelling person to listen to.

I always like to relate this back to your job. You show up every day, go above and beyond what you need to do to be successful and help your company and everyone nods their head to acknowledge you, but the guy who comes in and barely finishes his work gets the employee of the year award, the raise, and the respect. You're going to be pissed. Then think about it happening again and again, you are better at every facet yet the guy below you gets the accolades just because, it's mind boggling. The only reason you can come up to explain it is that by making this lackluster person popular the people in charge are able to maintain their status and superiority because they are under no threat to look bad. Rap fans today support the rappers that make it seem simple because they always feel like they could do it too. The guys who can actually rap are intimidating. Am I generalizing, yeah I am but in every conversation, I don't get any empirical evidence or reasoning beyond no one wants to hear lyrics anymore.

But back to why you should be critical, just like with anyone you're giving your hard earned money to, you need to make these guys earn it. You cannot let someone just do whatever and not put in the effort and progress. At any store if you repeatedly get bad service, you need to stop supporting said store until you get what you want and should get as a customer. Same thing with political action, same thing with artists. If you are not getting the best you have the responsibility to demand more. You should be critical, do not be afraid of someone challenging you to make something "as good" or "better" because in reality that isn't relevant. Hell with a lot of these acts, part of the problem is that I am sure that I can create something that is just as good which shouldn't happen if they are putting forth an effort.

As a critic I'm going to take my heat and everyone isn't willing to do that about hip-hop. Some people aren't willing to take being critiqued at anything, but anyone who offers up something for public consumption, whether it be a painting, a song, a tweet, or facebook status, is opening themselves to the opinion of others. If you don't want to hear anything negative, then do not put it out for anyone to hear, read, or see. If you do, you are open to critique and if your behavior deserves it, then it should be given.


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