Ti and Tiny

I think I would be remiss after all the Jay and Beyonce love if I didn't give credit to a Mr. Clifford "Tip" Harris for doing a show that brings family life to the forefront and attempts to stave off some of the damage that gets done once a week by Love and Hip Hop. Just this last week TI had to deal with the idea of his daughter having a boyfriend, and while the show is extremely sanitized and watered down as far as its overall reality, it still has a positive message unlike most of the VH1 programming.

Though TI has had his issues that irritate me and show he still has room to grow, he is also one of the more mature artists who gets regular publicity. He Seems to truly be involved with his kids and really love his wife who has been through the thick and thin with him. I can appreciate what they show and bring forth on the television.

While I am at it, let me also shout out another long standing but not as 'popular' black couple, Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell-Martin for being together so long. While neither of them is on Black Hollywood's C-list anymore it seems, they still made their mark in the 90's when I was coming up and remain another example of strong values.

Now so far Will and Jada are still hanging in there but the lingering rumors do bother me somewhat with their relationship, but I'm not judging, even if they do break up today, they have still had a long marriage, and are examples of good solid parents that we should all aspire to be.


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