Common v Drake - My Take

So the buzz this year so far is the feud between Common and Drake which recently popped off, first with Common dropping "Sweet" which was full of subliminal shots, Drake tweeting, then Common going all in on the same beat as Drake's latest feature. I am always of the mind that beef can push people to do their best especially in hip-hop. I would have liked to see a lot more subliminal shots before Common went so hard but this is still adequate.

First off, Drake is a guy I want to like but I don't feel as though he has earned the arrogance that he has to this point. I want him to be able to make a statement and to win and be successful, however, I don't think he truly represents the things that he could because of trends and the people he is surrounded by. Look the biggest thing to me that Drake represents is the idea that you never have to answer for who you claim to be. When Drake talks slick someone needs to say something, and no, not just a street dude like a Jeezy, because at the end of the day this is hip-hop, rap and you have to be able to hold your own against whoever it is you have an issue with. Common is perfect for this because he is what Drake should aspire to be as an artist, street respected, relevant, and able to make good music without resorting to gimmicks to get over.

As for Common, I wasn't too happy with his liberal use of the word bitch on his album. A friend of mine pointed out that Common is supposed to be peaceful and a leader so to see him just jump out and attack Drake seems odd at this point. The West Coast Beef he had years back was a reaction so it was legitimized. However, Common is better to go after Drizzy than to make a song about Tity 2 Chainz. But the thing you have to remember is that Common is about something, he stands for something so this probably isn't as random as things would seem.

Look, word on the street is Serena Williams is part of this whole thing and it is very likely. She was involved with both artists at some point and who knows how things have broken down as far as communication and the actual relationships go but there is something behind the scenes that has caused Common to go off. Now to see if Drake responds and responds adequately is the question, or will this turn into an event where you have random Meek Millz shots at Common. What I also hope to avoid is a new school vs old school battle or anything that ends up not based upon the merits of actual bars and lyrics.

Look I listened to the original "Stay Schemin" and the biggest problem I had was the part where Drake talks about Kobe Bryant's wife because it was so random. So Common took that and has gone to the next level and taken that to go hard at the kid. The thing I also think that hurts Drake is that when he went onto his twitter about the situation (which isn't manly as is) he ended up deleting what he said. Look if you want to speak up on something, speak up and stand behind what you say don't try to bitch out.  Okay maybe there is also his ridiculous consumerist music which is all about consumption and is just a negative thing to be focused on hip-hop.

Look I'm more of a Common fan than a Drake fan but I really do want Drake to be successful. Hopefully this will push both artists to spit some good bars and give us some good entertainment.


  1. there a new video out now that common is saying that he could get good music invovled if young money get involved


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