The Autobot Movement

I know it sounds corny but regardless of how it sounds, understand this, there is a huge problem right now. Wayne is a fool. I think the guy has some real problems a lot of which involve his drug use and his feelings that he is bigger than reality. The guy has been put into a position and because of his money and status, he is starting to believe that the things that come out of his mouth actually make sense. The guidance he has around him is beyond questionable and downright laughable. I would love for him to understand the foolishness of his words but he won't.

The leader of the movement is Charlamagne the God of PHilly's 100.3 The Beat. He makes a lot of good points about what the youth are getting from this guy. Wayne has been deemed Megatron, the lead Decepticon, here is a conversation that Charlamagne recently had with Dr.Boyce Watkins about Wayne and some recent statements he made.

Here is a link to Dr. Watkins' blog where he leads in to his thoughts about the conversation:
Click Here

Visit this blog to support some positive reinforcement for our young girls out there and teenagers. I am Not Every Girl . Now I think there need to be more positive songs on the radio especially if you're going to play this negativity. It's a shame that I like the song however they should have been able to make a real freaking clean version.


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