Hip-Hop Love Songs 4

Now Puffy aka Diddy isn't the first person who comes to mind when you;re thinking about love songs in hip-hop. Everyone knows Puff is an asshole. However he has done a couple of songs for the ladies. "Last Night" with Keyshia Cole is from the Nelly school of love songs, where Puff rap-sings about a woman.

However for Me, Diddy gets on the list for the "I need a Girl pt. 1" track. His first verse is cool, Loon is aight, and Usher smooths the track out real nice. But it doesn't really get good until he starts almost crying in the last verse about J.lo. I saw this the other day and i realized this song didn't pop off cause no one likes seeing Puff beg.

You cannot tell me the dude was not about to break down during that song like a lil punk. Then his other baby momma had to be heated hearing that shit, after all she did have them kids and he crying to this puerto rican broad after she left him as he was facing some time. I can bet that at the time Kim Porter was ready to be a "down ass chick" as Ja Rule put it. lol. Cheers to you diddy.


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