Gotta Get Ya Groove on! pt. 2

Now the last time i referenced dancing it was in a more social sense, out at the club doing ya thing. This post is more about the aspect of competitive dancing. The wife has me watching So You Think You Can Dance and I notice that a lot of the top pop lockers and hip-hop dancers are not black folks. I'm no racist, but it's crazy that in our most serious forms of dance, and this includes breaking, we aren't at the forefront. People from other races are really taking over and pushing the limits.

Let's check the examples:


In this next clip from the Red Bull BC One Competition, skip about 3 minutes in to see some ill moves:

Quest Crew (again From America's Best Dance Crew)

I mean it's even in half of the hip-hop dance movies out there. "Save the Last Dance" starred Julia Stiles. "Honey" was Jessica Alba (she might be mixed but that's a cop out)


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