Yes NY is Killing Hip-hop

Okay, so many people have seen the trifling video of the guys performing "I eat the P" in front of kids onstage and several in the audience. Here is the horrendous footage if you want to subject yourself to it.

So now, instead of just coming, apologizing , saying my bad it was in bad taste let's move on, ude comes out and makes this following statement:

Let me turn on my NY slang for a minute. Doggie, you wildin' B. This makes no sense. Fine, if it was only two kids there (which it wasn't) you still apologize say their mothers shouldn't have put them up there and in hindsight you feel you messed up. Cool, we accept it and move on. The song wasn't appropriate for anyone in that audience if they were 17 and 18 year olds as you claim anyway. Then you use Lil Wayne as an example...were you the only nigga who missed the BET awards and the backlash when he performed raunchy music with kids on stage? Just because someone else has done it doesn't make it right.

Your final argument is that people are having sex in front of their kids. Really, so that makes it okay for you to explicitly describe sex acts in front of large groups of impressionable youngsters? Once again, just because someone else does dumb shit, it does not make it alright for you to go and do something just as dumb if not dumber. This is especially true when you have no status that would allow for said dumbass event to be overlooked.

Point blank, this shows a generational problem with young people and their refusal to accept any amount of responsibility for their actions. You messed up, instead of trying to deflect blame and show how everyone else is wrong, just man up.


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