The Lil' Mo Effect

Now Lil' Mo may not have had the strongest career of her own as a solo artist even though she has the pipes that many singers would die for. What she has done has co-signed some of the biggest hip-hop acts in recent memory in several ways.

I just found this remake? of her hit with Ja Rule, "Cry" with LL Cool J. Maybe it's a Defjam remake thing or something. Take a listen:

Who can forget the radio, or good version of "Put it On Me"

They may argue but no way Ashanti could have pulled this off. Ja admit it, you needed Mo when she was around, y'all used her and moved on, but that's the industry.

I mean I remember this video...and not being mpressed by it. Looked like a rip-off too much of the Missy, "I can't stand the rain" video concept.

LMAO I know none of you all actually knew about this did you? Keith Sweat and Lil

Of course, we have to bring it all back with Superwoman pt. 2. If anyone has a copy of Superwoman pt. 1 for some reason (i dunno u slid it out before mixing) pass that joint out man!

Mo-Here is a shout out and let's hope that you can continue the success that you have had independently because close to 100k is success even on a label these days!


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