SMH @ My boy Budden

Now I'm a Joe Budden fan and I believe that this entire Method Man/ Wu-tnag shicm is over blown way out of proportion because at no point did he just single out Meth in the Vibe "Bracket" video. Dude talked for 10 minutes and all anyone got was anger about Method Man, when the guy was pretty much right in everything he was saying. I don't hear Plies complaining about it, he's getting his money. But see because it has been blown out of proportion, we now are getting more and more ridiculous responses.

Check this latest one out from Joey:

Now this is what gets people about Joe, sometimes it's better to just shut up. You were just talking about keeping shit on wax and no one talking about fighting. You dedicated a couple of bars to it on the D.O.A. freestyle. Now you're talking about beating someone up at a come on, don't be 50 Cent. The "media" is trying to bait you, asking everyone in the Wu what they think about Budden like it even matters, we already know the answer, they support Meth and eff Jumpoff Joe. Let your rhymes do the talking because you're ill and the Slaughterhouse album might just be the best one of the year. Don't ruin it before it happens.


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