NY Minute

Some people know or heard of this guy French Montana. Me, I only know of him through Worldstar and that he has beef with Jim Jones, makes Dvd's apparently titled Cocaine City (and he hasn't been indicted yet? He must be a liar or an idiot), and rolls with Max B.

Seriously though, the song isn't bad at all. I haven't heard much of his stuff but he isn't the worse rapper though I don't know how much depth he actually has. Something tells me not much but I'll wait until I hear more, but here is the video:

My biggest problem is that this sucks ass. I mean why the hell is "Snoop from the Wire" in this video? What is the purpose of this little intro? I understand he wants to make sure he gets the title of the song in but come on if someone in this era tells you they will be somewhere in a New York Minute you're going to laugh at their ass. Thats just corny, even if it is the name of the song.

But French just doesn't seem interested in being there. I think that he gets a little bit too high or something. Just look at how he delivers his lines, he looks like he is talking and nothing is coming out of his mouth. I know he is a laid back guy but when you're rapping, as a performer I need to feel some energy from the guy. It's sort of like he doesn't even believe what he is saying. So note to all artists say it like you mean it and let the people see it.


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