Hip-Hop gone Republican?

The title is hilarious isn't it? Makes you want to know what I am going to say out of my mouth with this one. Rest Assured, there is a method to the madness and it has to do with Jay-Z, D.O.A., (yes I know it's been weeks already let it go),Kanye etc... The fact of the matter is, i agree with Jay on that song, everyone shouldn't be using autotune and trying to make every song sound the same so that it gets on the radio. It's all about money right, nothing personal (thats another problem in itself).

Now this is coming from a friend of mine who noticed that no one had a problem with Wayne running auto-tune into the hole, or Kanye and his entire garbage ass album of auto-tune (808's and Heartbreaks has some decent tracks and the lyrics might not be bad, but that shit sounds like and elephant who is constipated recording a record), or 50 Cent's brief foray into auto-tune.

Point blank, the idea that now that Ron "No Talent" Browz and DJ "Don't forget Im the clown that made Chicken Noodle Soup" Webstar using auto-tune makes it wack is fucked up. No other way to really put it. The same way Jay threw a shot at dudes who started wearing throwbacks and saying everyone making it is what made it corny. See, it's not when average people rock it that makes it wack, it's when you get a bunch of industry dicks who decide they want to get all the jerseys and then regular cats all end up looking like followers when they do it. Personally, I'm mad because they drove the price of them shits up so high I couldn't afford them and I like jerseys because I don't like to iron and I don't dress a certain way because rappers dress that way.

See the point is, these guys have a corporate mentality, (told you guys I was going to get there somewhere), it's fine as long as their small group of friends is doing it, but the minute regular dudes start doing it, there is a problem. Jay never said to Kanye, "Hey man maybe you should let T-Pain have his style and you do you do". He could have said it to Wayne. That's what makes it annoying.

Then there is this idea that no one else can do something because he did it. I bought a Lacoste polo shirt ( the alligator joint) the week that the Fiesta remix video came out, I had been looking for it for a while, going so far as to try and read french to order from their website, the next week before I wore my shirt, everyone had them joints because he rocked it in the video, so I guess I helped make it wack huh. Yet it was fine when he and R, Kelly and the rest of Roc-a-fella bought all the Mitchell and Ness jerseys available. Was it wack then? These guys start to have the corporate attitude that they have to do things that everyone else isn't doing so they can be the center of attention.

Look at Me!!!!!

So while I fully appreciate the fact that Jay can recognize that some of his peers do need to take a hard look at themselves, I have to question the timing. He really isn't hurting his political connects because he goes out of his way to shout-out and appease people who might be potentially offended and who actually matter.


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