Album Review- Skyzoo -The Salvation

So a lot of people don't know Skyzoo, hell I don't really know Skyzoo myself but with the fact that nothing is really coming out when I see something new I'm going to try and jump on it. So from his accent I can tell he is from NY and the flow is straight so let me tell you about the actual songs.

The production is decent for the most part and the sound is very crisp and clean. On a soulful note (what else with an album title like Salvation) the album starts with an into/song that serves as the title track. Now Sky raps decent but it is evident that he isn't really that soulful of a guy. I mean, if you are going to title your album something like Salvation that evokes something emotional and seems like it is going to have some serious depth, then you need to reach down and bring that out, especially in a track of that title. Let us know what "your story" or the story of the album will be. That doesn't happen so I felt left down.

"The Beautiful Decay" doesn't make sense in a concept to me because his verses are just on the verge of "taking me there" to understanding his life and style. "Popularity" is a normal rapper bragging track but the beat switches up what could have become a stagnant feel on the album and Sky comes with decent verses. "Under Pressure" is a pretty good song about the trouble of having a relationship and trying to make it in the game (which one you choose) when it comes time for you to have to grind it out. This is what I expected to have more of on the album because it feels natural for Sky. "Dear Whoever" fits in that same mold.

One of the biggest complaints that I would have is that Sky's songs all have the same "soul" feel that is in vogue now but he doesn't come across as a guy who has experienced the depth of the hood talk he wants to exploit emotionally. He also has some average verses but he finishes almost every song on a strong note which is frustrating to hear some great stuff after some generic rhymes.

I like the horns and drums Just Blaze provides on "Return of the Real" even if Sky doesn't actually talk about anything in general. "Metal Hearts" is another banger with a beat that thankfully switches up the sound of the album and provides a chance for Sky to show some NY energy.

It may seem like I was being hard on Skyzoo about a lot of things, but I actually think the album is okay. It could be better if Sky reached down into himself for more emotion to fill the soul-backed beats, or instead had more tracks by Just Blaze that brought the hard NY heat out where the content wouldn't need to be so "soft". Sky showed me potential though and I will be eagerly awaiting more projects from him as his career continues. With just a little more direction, he has the ability to create a true classic at some point.

Rating: 3/5


  1. damn why you go so hard? i ain't given u my next CD, i may have to roll up on you like Wyclef did Blaze magazine when Canibus first dropped

  2. I haven't dug into this album as much as I would like; I just got it yesterday. From what I heard, Skyzoo definitely killed it. I listened to a few songs, and immediately, I said, "hip hop is back."

  3. Everybody claims to have the real shit.. but is anyone looking at Najee The1??


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