Jay-z is full of you know what.

Now I have refrained from blogging about the Kanye nonsense because frankly, it is nonsense and I am tired of his bitch tendencies and the attention that he garners with each of his ridiculous stunts and attempts to get eyes on him. They say the only bad attention is no attention and though personally I don't agree, I think in general people are right about that, but there is a line and it was crossed at the VMA's.

My problem is Jay's hypocritical nature on BBC radio ( he couldn't have spoken to US radio since Sunday?) where he says Kanye's outburst wasn't that bad because no one got "hurt" and Kanye is just passionate. Here listen for yourself:

Funny, just earlier in the week though, Jay was digging in on Lil Mama for "T-Painin" and coming on stage during his performance. So that was bad, yet Kanye was okay because he was just passionate? It's bullshit Jay and I'm calling you out on it like my man NC-17 did with you and D.O.A. . It's lame that dudes like you and Fab cannot be man enough and let Kanye know that this outburst shit isn't cool.

You see, had Kanye not been "known for his outbursts" it could be said he just felt passionately. Had he not been caught passing the Henny to Joe Jackson, you might be able to say it was passion, but when you have both of those things put together you have something different, it's called being an asshole. We need to stop allowing this type of behavior as a "part of his personality". Honestly, I'm not a hood dude, but I know in the hood, you will get punched in the eye at the very least if you continuously behave that way, so when a "hood certified" guy like Jay tries to co-sign or downplay some bullshit it pisses me off. Especially when you try to joke on on drop mean bombs on someone who stepped across a line, but not in the same ridiculous manner as Kanye.

the caption under this video was asking what if Lil Mama had crashed this stage...how about what if a punk like Kanye crashed this stage.

I felt bad for Lil Mama because she actually did make a mistake of feeking herself, her city, and position at MTV giving her access to step on that stage and getting played. But even more because now she feels like she let down her idol a dude whom she looks up to and even says she was giving "praise to".

Eeven Alicia Keys tries to go in on Ol' girl, like we haven't forgot she fucked up Swizz Beats' marriage. Just because you thick and light-skinned doesn't mean that you won't feel the wrath especially on this blig with your "rice and honey" eating ass.

Though he took it back, the only prominent black person really stepping up was the President, of course. I guess he ahs to save the country and Hip-Hop.


  1. Dude is basically what the president said...A JAckass!!!!!


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