Local Spotlight- Get em Mamis

Now I don't normally take a stand on local hip-hop but that is basically because in my mind, most of the "artists" suck. That's not trying to be disparaging or mean but the truth is most of these guys are run of the mill sound like-the-next-man rappers who don't do much to expand what anyone thinks about Baltimore or the "hood" in general. With that said, I first saw this group on You Know you Dead Azz Wrong so I have to give a shout out to DurtyMo over there for putting me on with them.

The Get em Mamis are a huge surprise for me just because I wasn't expecting too much because like I said, they are from Baltimore. The duo of Symph and Roxzi have above average lyrical ability and a good ear for beats if you listen to their mixtape/album TerAwesome. (Follow them on Twitter Here) They manage to successfully fuse Baltimore Club music, Hip-Hop, and House into a great sound, especially for partying.

Listening to their single "Work" certainly makes me wonder why they aren't on radio period, forget spinning locally.

Though I'm not going to go in about the video production, it is clean and pretty good compared to some local joints I am just excited about the song. The group is hot. The one concern I would have is with the cursing, there are times when they seem to just fall back on saying a curse word when cleaning things up would serve them better in the long-term.

Look for the most part there aren't many decent women in hip-hop and if I find some more I will definately give them some shine, but the Get em Mami's are a great start for someone looking at the future.


  1. keep up the good work girls

  2. YOU KNOW I <3 THE MAMMIS !!!!


  3. Love this Group!! They are TerAwesome For Serious!

  4. ncizzle fo shizzle 17September 29, 2009 at 9:11 PM

    Westport stand up! i got to check this out, only bmore rap i listen to is Phoenix Storm and The Homicide Rappa.


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