Positive Posse Cuts

Rappers are always talking about how they are just speaking about the experiences in their environment and that their music isn't for kids. They always disown the fact that they are indeed role models whether they choose to be or not. These artists have major influence amongst the youth and though they don't regularly make music that shows a positive light, or give direction in something other than cooking up, they could at least lend their talent and influence to the occasional positive posse cut. Let's look at the two most well known.

Self destruction was popping as some of the top artists came together to let the younger generation know that some of the things that they were doing were just ruining their neighborhoods.

We're all in the same Gang is mad long however it is pretty good. Even Eazy-E manages to spit a verse that eschews the violence, yet pays repsect to the youth struggles growing up with the gang violence in L.A. .

There was one attempt that I know of...

That's right, as they squashed their 'beef', Nelly and KRS-One got together and tried to bring some of their partners with them to make something positive which seems to be newer than I remember because Ne-yo is on the hook. Unfortunately, this song didn't get any promotion or notice, probably because they were actually trying to make a dent in all the negative hip-hop energy that is created and promoted.


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