T-pain done lost his mind...

Now Death of Autotune should have ruffled some feathers, but not t-pains. I mean I think Jay's intention was not to knock t-pain for bringing the style back. I thought that he specifically said that "Get back to rap/You t-painin' too much" line to show that everyone else needs to let "Teddy Pinned Her Ass" do his thang and stop stealing.

So blam I hear the rumblings on twitter. Fabolous is really a funny guy I must say, he got mad jokes, and I head over to worldstar where the ghetto comes online and see a video of T-pain dissing Jay. You might be watching it right now as you read this. I have to wonder, why is he so mad at Jay? He isn't mad at any of the guys who have been killing the autotune sound by jacking it and running into the hole.

I mean at 2:55 seconds he says rap is dead because people trying to be him...wait, didn't jay-z say the exact same thing in the line I quoted above? Yeah, he did. So instead of taking shots at Jay, T-pain needs to go counsel the failure that was Ron Browz, get at 50 for that wack ass attempt he made at using it, and definately talk to his boy Wayne and tell him to stop it, because if anyone has helped make that shit wack, it's Lil Wayne. (and to a lesser extent DJ Webstar cause he's a clown)

Everyone needs to address the real problem (lil' Wayne) and stop beating around the damn bush just like my man NC-17 said in his post "Jay-z is a Hater". (check back in the archives for that one)


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