This is why I'm a 50 fan...

If you watch the clip, at some point 50 cent responds to someone in the crowd and syas that Lil Wayne is talking about things that he has only seen on tv or through others, not really experienced because he has had a record deal since he was 13. 50 also talks about how he can still listen to rap as a fan and hear people who can write a great punchline but not a good song (which is when someone brought up wayne).

Honestly, I like the fact that 50 can actually speak his mind without the fear of being black-balled or discriminated against. How can he be the only person who has the nerve to call someone out whom I know is a fraud. I mean from being a gangster to becoming a blood sometime in the last three years, wayne has created a story and image and people believe that it is real or authentic now.

The reason I will always give a listen to what 50 says is because there is always some truth behind it. Just check this one out:


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