"Back-Packers" and "Hipsters" confuse me.

One thing i have never been able to understand about the latest backpack or hipster movement is the fashion. It seems that these guys who support the Kid Cudi's and Lupe Fiasco's of the world are constantly worried about the mental elevation and true realness when it comes to soul in hip-hop culture; yet at the same time, they revel in being ahead of the latest trends and exclusivity of their material possessions.

Now I'm not hating but it just seems that a lot of the guys who fill their ipods with the latest J. Dilla mixtapes are even more concerned about their image than Plies or Gucci Mane ever have been. You check their blogs and all you see is weird hipster jargon to describe the latest exclusive combination of "Stussy X Nike X Goodfellas dunks" (i know those references are kind of old and yes I am out of the fashion loop so this is just an example) and what boutique store they are in and how ill they are.


It seems as though it's not enough for these guys to feel their musical tastes are superior because every Little Brother cd I have ever heard has put me to sleep faster than some unisom and they can put up with the long loop of an album with scratchy soul samples and no hooks, but they also have to be stylistically superior too. yeah I'm probably just popping off a little bit but it is honest because I am confused at how the theme of excess and exclusitivity is reconciled with the themes in the music they listen to.

I know I'm weird because I haven't been worried about how I dress to anyone outside my household in about 8 years so maybe its the fact a lot of these people are single and trying to impress the opposite sex but I don't think that's the whole story, someone help me out.


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