Breaking Down the B.E.T. Awards- Nominees part 3

the next category is always one of the worst because most times there aren't enough artists to actually qualify or who have done anything worth being nominated. This year is no exception and with so few females being promoted in the world of hip-hop it seems especially barren. (note-I did say promoted because there are plenty of women in hip-hop toiling away underground.)

Nicki Minaj- She is going to win hands down with no album but a couple of mixtapes and a slew of guest appearances to her name. At one time, you had to actually have accomplishments to be nominated for an award, yet along win one but that's no longer the case.

Trina - Umm, she's female, just released an album and um yeah she's breathing.

Lmao I can't even find a recent video with Lil Kim...that's sad.

Lil Kim- Ummm we know her name and she's one of the late 90's female icons in hip-hop.

Rasheeda- To me, one of the more disappointing and lazy artists out there to be able to do as much as she can independently to push herself, she is just lazy when it comes to her stuff. It's saying something when You have less of a shot than 2 people who haven't released albums.

Ester Dean - drop it low drop it low is all I know....


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