A Mother's Pride...

So I guess I have to touch on (figuratively only mind you) this Kat Stacks situation shit. So she has an altercation or whatever with ummm every Southern rapper in existence under the age of 28 it appears and her mother left a message for Young City formerly of Da Band, the big ugly suit, aka Mr. extend that 15 minutes of fame at every opportunity. That could make sense that she was angry and wild this dude out, however, to have her.

 This shit is ridiculous I can see why Kat Stacks doesn't have the brain she should have been born with. As a parent I wish I would go and co-sign my child's whoring on webcam with them especially with them talking like that. Really, like there is nothing wrong with this child's behavior? Then at the end (I know, I actually watched the entire shit) she has the nerve for criticizing Chopper City for saying that he fucks bad bitches all the time (Kat doesn't fit that category however) when that's her own daughter's bread and butter/ claim to fame. This woman is just as lost as her dimwitted daughter is.

Look at her head doesn't she look like the lil sick boy that was rapping the Eminem lyrics?

The worst part is that people are still fucking this broad and having her in their presence. Honestly, if I'm worth a couple dollars why would I put myself in the same room with her intentionally? It's one thing to be a groupie that gets passed around, it's another thing to be a talkative whore who is now out to 'expose' everyone's private business.

Why is anyone still giving her the time of day is beyond me. Then they want to brag about it, look this isn't Taraji Henson you bagged, it's a chick who is damn near paying you to hit it.


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