Breaking Down the B.E.T. Awards- Nominees part 4

Now on to one of my favorite categories, the best new artist category. Unlike past years, all of the artists nominated this year actually have put albums out in some form. The most surprising thing is the fact that Justin Bieber is nominated, you know the label is kicking out some cash for that.

Justin Bieber - I'm going with Bieber just because he is in the category and he seemes birthed in a lab to be successful at this level. He is candy coated sweetness like the Jonas Brothers with an urban flavor like Justin Timberlake.

Nicki Minaj- Nominated both alone and with Young Money it's hard to consider her a new artist and hard to not consider her one. It's a serious catch-22.

(this song is terrible)

Young Money - Aside from Drake and Nicki what's the point? Everyone else is terrible including Millz.

Melanie Fiona - Another multiple nominee who is looking to get the courtesy "at least she got nominated" accolades.

Wale - It's hard to believe Wale is one of these new artists. He has the ability to have the flash of Young money et al, yet his deep album is leading him on the course to be under appreciated in the mold of a Mos Def, Q-tip, or Lupe Fiasco.


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