What the hell is wrong with Lloyd?

I understand, you joined Murder Inc. at the wrong time, and yes you were on a label called Murder Inc, but you never been on that thug shit dog. Honestly, i always felt it was messed up that lloyd didn't get the career he deserved because of timing (Damn you Curtis Jackson!). He has had songs that have had huge pop potential but never got off the table because of his affiliations.

So Lloyd is now back being the first to bring Mystikal back (whoop de doo) but the problem is he is talking extra reckless on this song:

Why is he calling himself young Goldie? Is that his thuggish alter ego. The beat is slick however with its use of the horns. The Mystikal verse is cool so I'm not mad at that. But why is Lloyd threatening to bang me with the chopper is not what I want to hear from the guy. He's too talented for that.

Then there is this wack ass song that doesn't fit in with his character either. As an aside, when it's our song and you have Lola Monroe in the "power slot" rapping last is not a good sign. It's your song, you should have the best verse, her verse isn't what I would call hot but it was better than Mr. "So Fresh" and Lloyd so that is saying a lot.


  1. Hah, you are completely right with everything you said :D I didn't know Lloyd very well, but I can see he doesn't fit to the "I am a beast" and a scary dog in the clip. He is the only one honestly smiling in this video as well :D The beat of this track is very good though, horns are definitely a good idea.
    Second track is completely different to the first one, but Lloyd plays a rally small part in it, don't why he's actually there...


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