It's about damn time...

Now if you look at the video and still press play you will be as appalled as I was at the content off this "music". I posted this because finally niggas got some just rewards for being utterly negligent and reckless. Apparently these goons are from South Carolina and the police saw this video on youtube and has gone and arrested the participants for what should be called a crime against music and common sense.

Ever since Stop Snitching came out a few years ago I have steadily noticed the lack of "thug sense" amongst the new generation of the streets. It's one thing to be mad at people for snitching on you, but to incriminate yourself in this manner is down right idiotic. I understand you don't fear the police and you're so real, but be smart, who do you think you're fooling when they come to arrest you and then you claim it's just toys or replicas? This is just another case of when keeping it real goes terribly wrong.


  1. Do you know if they stated the exact reason of the arrest? Well, we can see weapon in all the films out there. Is it more about "We be smokin' grabin' robin' hustlin'"? These are just lyrics, don't know if arresting is a proper punishment.

  2. lol What should be done then to stop this ridiculousness. This isn't Malcolm X in the window watching out, this is just reckless without reason. If you're real, you hustle, you do it but you don't go and advertise because you're doing it to survive.


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