Will Smith- G.O.A.T. Status?

I know you're reading the title and ready to fall out of your chair and come through the screen and do something to me because you're like there is no fucking way that Will "Big Willie Style" Smith is a great rapper. I mean the dude is an actor by default now. If you think that you would be wrong because Will is the ultimate entertainer.

Let me say this, while listening to music I find it hard to find current artists whose songs can be played around the family. My choice was to go back to older hip-hop to find beats that are serviceable and songs that rock but that are not obviously too explicit for young ears. While doing this I have been listening to more of the Fresh Prince and I realize his resume stacks up nicely with the best of them.

First of all for the late 80's and early 90's he was decently lyrical with some clever quips and an uncanny ability to describe situations, especially those of late teens dealing with life which wasn't involving crack sales. See, most teenagers don't actually sell dope or cook it up and for that to be the only images shown as depicting the urban lifestyle is just wrong. Yet we no longer have that in the game, or humor.

Yes, humor was once a big part of the game. Rappers weren't just serious, angry, scowling masks since their 'inception', at one point they were allowed to have fun without ever throwing it in that they are "G's" on the low like Soulja-boi, or the New Boyz.

Now those songs are fine because they were unique and had a different perspective than the average joint. Today, all of the songs sound exactly alike. The teenage perspective has totally turned into an event where everyone is just hanging in the streets. The Fresh Prince reminds us that there is more to growing up than trying to move some rocks to get fly. Then there was the greatest Summer song of all time that brings Will Smith checks every year like clockwork once the weather heats up in Northern states:

Now from this point her really shed his Fresh Prince persona and still laced us with big budget movie title songs that were maybe a little bit corny but they still managed to be "head noddable". He also managed to create the only serious song that is nationally known (shout out to Xzibit for also have one) about a father speaking to his son. Then he went and made the transition to mega-movie star, and tell the truth what rapper wouldn't want that? Just check these out and let me know what you think about Will's legacy.


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