Big Boi aka Sir Lucious Leftfoot

So Big Boi is about to prep his first album without Andre 3000 and that isn't a package deal. A moment of truth perhaps to see how he can truly hold his own without his mate from Outkast. The bad part is, it's probably not a good time to venture off on your own as an artist with about 2 decades in the game as he is. The youth movement is all about the trap and while he has always been somewhat street, Big Boi isn't one of the new breed of trappers. His music is a reflection of that, Shutterbugg is a decent single with a nice beat and a mellow vibe. Unfortunately, the younger audience isn't going to play this nor are they going to have it forced down their throats by an urban radio that refuses to play anything even half way out of the mold. The only thing that could get him some spins is saying it's an Outkast song, which it isn't, and that's too bad.


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