Ready For

So finally coming up next month is the debut from Hip-hop's Young Money Darling, Drake. He has peppered the airwaves with singles over the past 18 months and had a "critically acclaimed" mixtape (yawn) now it's time to see if he can put it together for an actual studio album. Sales are going to be incredibally easy to come by i think just because of the machine and hype behind him since Weezy F. Baby is in jail and the public today especially his target audience is looking for material to suck up. Not since the Roc was pushing out cd's by the case has there been more of a setup for strong sales just based off of the name.

Honestly people, Drake has some skill I cannot deny it, but he annoys me as a person. Number one, he wants people to support him yet he complains about all of these haters. I just don't believe it. Secondly, he doesn't seem comfortable in his position (i don't believe he smokes weed for one hot second), and too much Wayne is creeping into his style and his singing is almost as bad as The Dream.

Now what do I expect? I'm not sure. I think a lot of this album is going to be the same, he can make you feel better buy buying you something and he balling on the haters for 14-16 tracks with he and wayne auto-tuning. I hope there is no song with Baby on it but that might be a futile wish.


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