What's music worth?

So when you get to the end of this clip after the Dream has made some decent points he announces that he won't be doing any more albums because people don't appreciate music. Really Dream? You're lying. Not one musician who has said they're going to quit has actually done that. You are not Jim Brown, not even close and I'll tell you why. You suck. You're not that good. If I look at the greats in r and b you wouldn't come close to cracking the list. The Dream is like Keith Sweat, you put up with him but you don't know why. Marvin Gaye was a great singer and artist, Barry White, The Isley Brothers, Luther Vandross, even R. Kelly but not you buddy.

Now let me take a second to address his other point about people not appreciating music. He's right, music has lost its value tremendously because there is virtually no barrier to entry and everyone and there mother is "making music". Not enough people are taking the time to put out quality songs, the goal is quantity. Every mixtape that you give out for free diminishes the chances you're going to actually get paid for something. All of the features where we keep hearing your voice diminishes the desire to hear you do something fresh.

Example, TI went to jail and we heard nothing from him,when he was released everyone was at the edge of their seats to hear something from the man and now he can re-establish momentum. Jay-Z does an album every 16 months but in between you don't hear him on every album, on every remix and freestyling on every hot beat. He leaves you wanting more. Conversely Lil Wayne has been in jail 2 months and it sounds like he is running free. It's so many Wayne songs and videos out that no one is going to feel the vacuum caused by his lack of presence so it's not going to be special when he gets out.

I said this before all these mix tapes hurt overall if you plan on actually making money off of sales. I'm still a little older so I'm not going to see anyone's show based off of a mix tape especially when everything is original material so it might as well be an album where you get actual promotion, receipts and get closer to ending your label obligations. Constantly recording and putting out music without taking the time to edit and make it the best possible are the biggest issues with today's generation of artists. Now the Dream is complaining about unfinished leaks but I can bet the full song is just going to be fully mixed. He's not going to go through and change his key, or lyrics, or speed so stop complaining. This is the industry that you have created.


  1. Quite interesting note. What's interesting about Jay-Z is very very often releases some mixtapes with his verses but connected with other artists like with Linkin Park, Radiohead, Coldplay etc. But he actually never puts a single new line on them, so it even heats up the atmosphere before the next album.

  2. The Dream sucks and marries R&B whores. But yeah no one wants to spend 12 bucks when 7 of the songs on the album have been heard on mixtapes, Cam'ron realized this the hard way on his Purple Haze CD. And you're right, mixtape does oversaturate yourself, unless you use it like an appetizer, give them a six song ep a month before your album.

  3. So sort of like Ross is trying to do right now right? Right, these guys have done it to themselves by giving away music constantly. Drake's comment about his album leak illustrates the problem, he said he's been giving away music for years so enjoy and then go buy the album...Ummm no nigga I already have it why am I going to pay to get it again?


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