Breaking Down the B.E.T. Awards- Nominees part 2

The Next Category is the best Male R and B category and to me there are some surprises as to the nominees however, I doubt Raheem Devaughn is going to win. Let's get to it.

Trey Songz is the favorite in the category to me. He has had the hottest year in r and b since Ne-yo debuted about 4 years ago. With the amount of spins he is getting now he really is killing it right now.

Usher- This new Usher disappoints me because he seems to be gravitating towards the more 'thuggish' side of r and b that has become popular. The songs he has come out with don't have the same smoothness but his career isn't hurting at all through the change of styles.

Maxwell- The smooth soul singer has made a strong resurgence after disappearing from the scene for several years. Hopefully, somewhere D'angelo is taking notes and not trying to pick up any more tutes.

Raheem Devaughn has worked long and hard to get some recognition in the game and recently has been more vocal on his desire to hear more of a message in music and to go back to the classic style of the 70's.

Chris Brown - How B.E.T. has the nerve to nominate Chris Brown after how he has been treated in the past year is beyond me. Blackballed the entire year Chris may be leading in online voting right now but that isn't necessarily going to hold up. I'm sure he would give up this nomination for some spins. Here's hoping the dark horse shows up and takes the title.


  1. "What is an award? God Gives me an award everything day when he wakes me up" -Nas. BET giving out an award for good music is like a Women's rights organization giving out awards for best rapist. BET should be giving out awards for best TV show that hasn't aired in five years... and the award goes to SMART GUY. haha blog to come on this.

  2. lol don't start. Did you see Smart Guy's MJ cover by the way?


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