You never gonna be successful with this management....

So Wacka Flocka's manager/mother is a little upset with the likes of Gucci and Nicki Minaj both of whom she used to manage. Notice the phrase "used to" as that is important.apparently. Just looking at this video this is the type of management that is going to get you screwed. Her claim is that Nicki put out a cease and desist letter for the management services she was being provided with and the response is "I was fired indirectly"....

What? See this is a major fuck up and apparently someone got in Nicki's ear and said you need to get some real management, lawyers and paperwork to protect yourself and this lady is a fool for not having a signed contract in the first place. She can "keep it real" all she wants with her handshakes but at the end of the day this is a business. Has she never heard of Sean Puffy Combs aka the "Paper Gangster"? This man has owned several people in his illustrious career off of pure paperwork. You may not be hurting for money but if you're in the management game what is it for if it isn't for the money?

Now she's working with....French Montana...pause. This guy is never going to have an album worth listening to. In fact I might have to do a post about French but this guy doesn't seem like he is going to blow, especially with this kind of representation.

The money for a show doesn't come to you first and you're the manager and you're getting artists 50k a show? Lol.


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