Breaking Down the B.E.T. Awards- Nominees

I'm going to start with the best Female R and B category. The nominees here aren't surprising in the least excpet for Melanie Fiona who hasn't got a chance to win.

Beyonce-Predicted winner easily. B is the queen of the hip-hop generation and her myriad of appearances just solidifies her position at the top of this list.

Rihanna- The second biggest act behind B right now is Rihanna who drops a video every 2 weeks. I liked the old "pop" Riri better but apparently this new darker more adult version is what's popular now.

Alicia Keys- Scandal non-withstanding she might be the best songwriter for women around right now. Problem is she keeps all the good stuff for herself and though they have sexed up her image she is still boring.

Mary J. Blige- Mary isn't ready to let go of the throne just yet but it doesn't mean that no one is going to drag her from it. Hopefully she can mentor some of the young superstars as she enters the twilight of her recording career.

Melanie Fiona- The best all around aside from dancing (I don't know if she can do that) Melanie is the representative for the 40 and over/incense burning crowd by default. Pigeon-holed by her 'soul' sound hopefully she can get more support to be like Ms. Keys up above.


  1. Rihanna is actually the only one who didn't get a BET Award yet (Ok, I don't count Melanie Fiona). Even though the competition is high, I think that Rihanna actually deserves it this year.


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