Album Review- Bruno Mars- Doo Wops and Hooligans

Now, this isn't my normal forte but let me say something, this Bruno Mars cat is hot. He has a unique sounding voice that takes me back in the day, and he also has some good music. You need something like this in your collection to change up the pace definately.

"Grenade" is definately a hot song and I can see this as a third single with a video on MTV that grows. The song currently in rotation, "Just the Way You Are" isn't a new revelation, but the building drums and simple piano keys play together well. "Our First Time" reminds me of a mix of an older MJ track with some sensual subject matter, it's not overly explicit and it's rather sweet.

"Runaway Baby" immediately changes the pace to an up-tempo pop-song feel that sounds like a mash-up of some 60's pop and i would guess- the doo-wop sound. "The Lazy Song" is another pop song however, it does have some clever little lyrics about being lazy. "Marry You" takes the same doo-wop sound as Bruno sings about being somewhat reckless and getting married on a whim. "Talking to the Moon" is the required Ballad selection for the album.

One of my favorite tracks of the year has to be "Liquor Store Blues" which features Damien Marley.

"Count on Me" and " The Other Side" round out the album, the latter of which features Cee-Lo and B.O.B. in a song about opposites and Bruno lets loose a little bit vocally. This is another smash hit.

If I was into r and b/pop rating, I would have to say this album is a solid 4 and could grow to be a 4.5 but it is worth having in your collection.


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