Album Review- Nelly- 5.0

Now I knew Nelly had a new single out, then another, but I was truly hoping he didn't do another album. I mean He's good for a single here and there, but his albums haven't been anything to write home about save for those singles. Let me tell you, this album has some subtle hilarity to it.

Nelly's first single is "Just a Dream" and it's a typical crossover hit with Nelly's sing-song flow and his singy hook. I can't knock it, it's simple decent radio music that isn't controversial. His second single however, is "Move That Body" with T-pain and Akon sharing the duties. Typical club fare, the hook is too lazy compared to the energy of the verses which some how are the highlights along with Teddy's pre-chorus. In the pop clubs however, it should work. "Making Movies" could possibly be a single if the album picks up some steam but it might be too explicit.

"Long Gone" is a song telling you what's going to happen if you bring your girl to the club and it features Chris Brown and Plies, though Nelly is actually singing his verses, or yelling them whatever it is, he damn sure ain't rapping. He's taking this crooning to a new level but it actually works in the 80's vein of the sample used in the beat. Plies brings the toughness to the track and it works but I don't know about radio yet again because of it. Nelly's singing doesn't work on "Gone" where he and Kelly Rowland fail to make magic again. Nelly's rapping seems secondary to his singing on the album, "1000 Stacks" literally wastes a good Biggie sample and trust me Puff doesn't help on the song at all.

Nelly takes a shot to become the new Spring Break King title from Flo-rida on "Liv Tonight" with Keri Hilson and that too falls well short of the mark. "Don't It feel Good" is another yawner for me, and it sounds like something the Dream might try to pass off to the pop crowd. "She's so Fly" with T.I. is alright, but reminds me of the boring Fancy which also featured Tip in its feel. "I'm Number 1" for some odd reason features Birdman -seriously who the hell wants Baby on a song without Wayne? Rappers-stop it. It also features the equally annoying DJ Khaled on the hook. The other song that should not have happened was "Broke" with Yo Gotti who is severely limited in rapping ability (and he rhymed wife her with life does that happen?) and put him and Nelly together on a song talking about money is just lazy and annoying and so is the girl on the hook. The album ends with "Nothing Without Her" where Nelly is sing/crying yet again but with success and without auto tune. That makes me really look at this upcoming Last Train To Paris and hope Puff trashes all his singing.

At the end of the day, my first listen through had me laughing because Nelly is singing so hard on this joint. He is really taking it to the next level and while he cannot hit notes, I would take Nelly singing over The Dream and Drake any day. His rapping has always left something to be desired but with an album aimed squarely at pop radio and the tween-barely out of the Teens segment, he can see some success if the album is promoted in those circles. Do not try to force this down urban radio's throats and there can be a hidden gem here in terms of sales. Four songs I really see as being strong, the rest filler that don't fit my tastes.

Rating: 2/5


  1. motherfuckin nelly hater!!!

  2. When u say the deam ain't got talent i understood this review was a joke :)

  3. lol he doesn't have singing talent at all.

  4. Nelly has more singing talent than most the people on the radio these days...Wish he rapped a little more but I like this album.

  5. Fuck You!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The album aint all that bad as your review!

  6. lol that's not a bad rating. just slightly below average especially when you remove the singles.


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