Women of hip-hop have more balls than the men?

Here we go, in preparation of Pink Friday, I'm going to try and examine some women's issues this month as it relates to hip-hop. Something has jumped to the top when it comes to rap as it stands right now. It seems the only people willing to go at each other, outside of various 50 Cent rants, is the Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj beef.

A quick synopsis, Nicki is getting accolades and props, Kim thinks young Nicki has swagger jacked her and not given proper respect so she goes on a tirade. Nicki shrugs ignores her for a few months then drops "Roman's Revenge" where she goes in on Kim for the second time (some subtle shots were fired on the All I Do is win remix). Kim responds on stage with this:

Honestly, Kim does have some classic hits but she cannot see Nicki lyrically at this point in her career. She better find some new ghostwriters, I think Canibus might be available for that. However, its not even the actual idea that it might be a good war of words but just to see two artists who are somewhat prolific and well known get into it is what's good. I doubt Roman's Revenge would come out without the beef and Nicki would have no reason to show she can really go in when need be.

There is another trend I touched on before, women are the ones who are acting tough now while the guys are becoming more feminine each day. It used to be females talking about what stores they shopped in and what kind of bags they have, now the male rappers drop more designer names than any of the women in rap.

These days even the upstarts like Keys or any of the other various Nicki Minaj dissers seem to have more heart and pride than most of their male counterparts. There are exceptions, Diamond and Rasheeda, have found a niche trying to be carbon copies of today's Get Money rappers just to get a couple of dollars, but by and large the unsigned females I see on Worldstar any given day, show much more hunger and aggressiveness than these passive ass unsigned guys who are too busy trying to get in good with a Wayne or Rick Ross to risk criticizing or coming across as a hater.

Take Kanary for instance, while I wouldn't say she is the best out, her verses are better than J. Cole's. While right now, there isn't much in the way of exposure for female rappers, it seems to have many of them more motivated to try and force their way into the game and if it means rubbing some feathers the wrong way, they're willing to do it, while these guys are coasting along.


  1. I love Nicki Minaj and really respect her as a rapper. Her rhymes are incredible and she really speaks her mind too. Her hip hop music videos are dope too and some of the hottest hip hop music videos of the year. I also love her collaborations with artists like rap superstar Eminem on their hot new rap song "Roman`s Revenge" I hope they release a cool Nicki Minaj and Eminem music video for this hot rap song as its sure to be a smash.


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