Album Review- Kid Cudi- Man on the Moon II the Legend of Mr. Rager

I took some flack for killing Cudi on his first LP and if you're that sensitive about Cudi, then please leave now because this one is going to be even worse and even shorter. Point blank, Cudi may be a creative individual and I can tell he can structure some songs well and could be a decent producer/ A&R/ assistant or something but as an artist he fails. I have determined that some people should remain behind the scenes to have their best impact.

Now being affiliated with Kanye West allows him access to some of the more high priority artists in the industry and explains how this album ended up getting released. I'm not a fan of smoker music because I'm not a smoker so artists who base their style, or fans in that aspect already have a knock against them to me, however, I have been a fan of Redman and I think these guys can make good songs.

"Erase Me" with Kanye West is an example of that but its the 'rock' styled hook and Kanye's verse that make the song. Too many times, Cudi aims for something alternative in sound and just turns up flat. Whether its that his ideas need to be tweaked or he needs to hire a new ghostwriter, something else has to be done.

Look you're probably disappointed by this review but I cannot listen to this and I have listened to every song on a Boosie album and a Plies album but this is worse than any of that.

Rating: .5/5


  1. man your crzy about cudi. i dont smoke and i still get his music. u disrepceting hard. now thats from a fan perspective, but as a reviewer this album was not at all as good as his first one, it rocked with soulful hits and mellowed rhymez, but the flow of the album is horrible and confusing. nowhere near as good as the first. though, to say u can get through a whole plies album, but then go bash this is baffling. frankly, unsatisfiying to here from a hip-hop blogger. (especially nowadays)


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