C'mon son....

Honestly, I have some stuff I want to talk about regarding Bow wow, partly because someone asked me to. However, this one thing is kind of annoying because he's trying to act like he is some individual who he isn't.

Now, Bow starts bitching because he says he didn't want to be Lil Bow wow...He wanted to be what? a gangster? You were a little boy- someone should have had you acting like a proper young man and do exactly what Jermaine Dupri wanted you to do. I don't even think you know who you are. You want to be what's popular and popping right now, a thug and weezie clone? Point blank you been doing this more than half of your life- that's who the hell you are.

Then the most laughable part of this is that you felt you should have made the top 10 list? Not even possible homie. I will give you some respect but no way you deserve or get that type of love.


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