Asishiphop Awards- Single of the year 2010

This year the singles were once again hard to distinguish and separate the top from the bottom. Unfortunately, though Khaled and Banks both had strong singles, they don't make the top 5 but deserve an acknowledgment, especially Banks who came out of nowhere with Beamer Benz or Bentley.

Number 5:

"Hello Good Morning" - I'm still not gonna buy Last Train to Paris because the beats have been hot on all songs leaked or released but the auto tune portions from Puff are the absolute worst. On this song, the verses by Nicki Minaj and the infectious beat are what made it a success.

Number 4:

"Money to Blow" honestly, the thing everyone remembers is wayne saying "we gon' be alright cause we got Drake on every hook" and its proving true. The best thing to grace Baby's latest wack ass album, Money to Blow had a slick beat and alright lyrics from Drake while preserving the Cash Money swagger.

Number 3:

"Pretty Boy Swag" Once again, Soulja takes an annoying song, trite concept, and somehow makes it into a hit. The beat was passable for me but the actual song structure and lyrics were the worst. At the end of the day, it was a mega-hit.

number 2:

"BMF" Rick Ross had a mega-hit on his hands with the lead single from Teflon Don. The song was bumped on the radio, and in every whip and big truck driving down the street this summer. Everyone was feeling like Big Meech and Larry Hoover.

number 1:

"Empire State of Mind" Jay-z and Alicia Keys performed at the World Series and every award show with yet another Ode to the rotten Apple. Thsi song had everyone in every city pretending they were from one of the boroughs. I only wish everyone could have local pride like this. This single bubbles all through the winter and into the summer.


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