Mike Vick and how he applies to hip-hop

Now when Michael Vick went down for being a dumb ass and dog fighting, black America went into an uproar. "Oh it's just dogs", "Oh they just hating because he's a beast", and comments like that were very common. I was in the minority who felt that Vick was getting what he deserved for screwing up. I also felt that some kind of way the street rules should have applied and someone else begged to have taken the charge, but beyond that, I don't feel sorry for him because he almost punted the opportunity of a lifetime.

Fast forward to this year and Vick's story of recovery is the best in the NFL. From Leavenworth prison to potential NFL MVP and comeback player of the year he has shown all of the football attributes that he never did while in Atlanta. Now some people will complain that the teams keep wanting to change the type of player he is, but in reality by listening to their advice and actually studying his craft and working, Vick has become the dangerous player the Falcons thought they were getting when they drafted him. So what changed and what do fans of hip-hop need to take from it?

The fact of the matter is, and Vick admits this himself, he is actually trying now. He was humbled and actually showed it to the public. From that moment, when he allowed himself to be brought off of the pedestal and turned back into a humble person, he has been able to bring himself to become even bigger than he was before. The sense of entitlement is gone from his public image replaced with that of a man who cherishes the opportunities afforded him.

Now I know a complaint I'm going to get, why should he have to humble himself? Who cares he is a grown man he doesn't have to be humble. It's just people hating on him. you're right, you don't have to do shit in truth, but in order to get certain priveledges, to do something like be a star NFL player, you have to make some sacrifices and as a result, you get millions of dollars. It's not a bad trade-off. This is one thing I want to try and impart to my readers, to those with the money, power, and fame, comes the increased scrutiny and higher expectations of behavior. Stop bitching about it, that's the way it is. So when I hear Drake bitching and moaning about being famous on a record, it pisses me off because he is doing this just to be famous. You cannot be mad because you finally have it.

Now right now, Vick is the hip-hop representative in the NFL. He was a thug who has been rehabilitated and is now dominating. It's a good story, but its not on his terms, those got him in jail. Same thing for raps most polarizing star, Kanye West. For every step forward he takes towards being an actual person, he takes two or three backwards just because he can. Looking at Kanye, people love him because they want to 'agree' with his selfish, arrogant view of the world, and people wish they could afford to be that reckless and annoying. Truthfully, would it be good for everyone to spout off whatever they want without ever having to care about another's feelings? No. Respecting that you might offend someone helps to keep our society actually functioning. Think about how you feel about the office asshole then think, Kanye is the hip-hop office asshole.

Why go in on Yeezy? Dude has a Messiah complex and I'm sick of it. I wouldn't tolerate this person in my personal life so to see him out representing as if we are all like him is annoying. I've said it once and will continue, this guy is still trying to justify his bitch-made behavior like someone should apologize to him or thank him for existing. The only thing he is lucky for is that the public loves a villain just as much as they love the hero. As for hip-hop fans, we need to stop jumping to support someone because we feel they are being attacked or slighted for something they should have been criticized for. You cannot expect to not be held responsible for anything you say. Sometimes you have to man up even when your friends (Jay-z) and fans won't. Why go an apologize to the ex-President then go on stage and downplay it? Because you're not standing up and being a man.

Hip-Hop is going on 30 years old for the most part as a music genre and major influence. At some point, it has to lose some of the adolescent tendencies and start to do some things it might not want to do. Life depends on people doing what is good for the community and not always focusing on one's self. In this case, Kanye might want to be an asshole but he needs to stop acting like a spoiled brat. Hell, I posted earlier on how someone needs to step in and tell Soulja Boy to slow his roll and have an intervention before he ruins himself. He has tattooed himself completely and isn't close to being 25 yet. Where are the leaders who will step in and say enough is enough, you're not going to be making the major power moves looking and behaving in that manner?

Musically, the same holds true. Listening to Kanye's latest album, he may sell units just off of hype alone however, I won't be drawn in to the fallacy that selling a lot makes it quality, the best, or a classic, and this album is none of those. It is inconsistent and doesn't fit together all because Kanye doesn't actively work beyond what he feels is greatness and completeness which is sometimes overdoing it. He isn't studying and dedicating himself as much as he is making confirmations of his greatness. Look, we all know people make mistakes and celebrities, by virtue of their status aren't allowed the leeway and excuses of the average person, but in exchange for that right, they get to be famous and get rich off of that average person. So while you may want to just get a pass, you won't. Just stop trying and be like Michael Vick and become humble and re-dedicate yourself to your task and show us the potential you originally flashed.


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