Local Beef...

So a week or so ago, I checked a link on twitter from Bossman where he goes at the biggest artist from the Maryland area, D.C.'s own Wale. I honestly didn't know what the whole thing was about until finally seeing this series of videos:

Now the gist of things is that Bossman feels that Wale getting Hollywood and not representing what he is supposed to and not being the face of the 'DMV' movement. In Bossman's opinion, Wale isn't holding the area down and helping other artists come up. Now I have previously intimated that word on the street is that he is arrogant (Wale) and not really a person who is going to be social with others who he feels he is beter than. I don't have too much to go on because I'm not in the industry but videos like this further enhance that image.

Now, the real point I wanted to look at and address is the idea that when an artist from the area blows up, you have to support them. I talked about it before in a post where I mentioned it's only natural for people to hate when one person finally makes it. If what Boss says is true, then he is 100 percent correct to speak up and say something. In "Off the Record" he ruffled a few feathers I'm sure but he at least stood up for what he felt was the right thing to do and say and not be a kiss ass like so many radio personalities and other artists.

I have in fact, made this point several times that people need to check and balance each other in the game. It's one thing for me to say something, it's another for an artist who is at the same level as another to speak out. It's even more important for multiple artists to come in and back up that artist who initially speaks out. Just imagine if Suge Knight comes out and talks about these fake ass industry Bloods and then you get Jay-z and Snoop to back him up you would actually see a change within the industry.

There are no code and rules anymore because everyone is scared to stand up for themselves. The question was asked to Bossman, why are you doing this if there is no monetary motive or payoff in the end (though these days there is always some sort of money payoff) and his response pretty much says because its the right thing to do. If more people focused on that, the game would be a more solid foundation and enable more artists to be able to have successful careers and true growth. We definately need more artists to be stand up guys.


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