Russell Simmons' Butt-Kissing Open Letter

Nowe we must respect Russell with the Hustle as one of the pioneers of this thing we call rap and hip-hop as the guy who took things to the mainstream. He brought us most of our big names through the 90's and has continued as an icon with Phat Farm, his shoe collections and argyle sweaters.

I must almost totally and whole heartedly disagree with him about this shit right here though, Russell up in Kanye's cheeks . I understand we as black folks still feel a need to be protective of our own, however I cannot get with Russ on this one. Yes, Kanye is possibly close to a musical genius if not one when it comes to production and creativity. However, he still could use work with making his works complete with the things that I feel matter the most, having tight verses that are on-point. Too many times on this recent album things don't quite as well as they could quite possibly because of arrogance that one is complete and doesn't need to listen to others. It's not a fact, just based on my opinion through various factors and actions.

But truthfully, Russell is guilty of the same BS I've been complaining about a lot lately, which is men not standing up and taking responsibility and doing things that excuse bitch ass behavior. This guy Kanye fucked up twice and yet people still are trying to downplay it. Look I would not accept that behavior from my kids, nor would I look at my friends in the eye and say it is ok for them to do it so I'm definately not going to condone Kanye sorry. For the umpteenth time, the Bush comment was out of line, based on bullshit, and arrogant. Russell, where were you before during and after Katrina? Im sure Master P and Cash Money could have ordered up some buses and rounded up supplies. I'm quite sure your money-grubbing prepaid debit card hawking ass could have as well.

Maybe if Russell hadn't called the 30 minute runaway video brilliant I might have just shrugged this off, but it reeks of someone who is trying to get into the favor of another person. The video was good, very well shot and the art direction was good, there was a story line of sorts there, but brilliant....gtfoh Russell. Honestly, brilliant, nope it wasn't that deep, earth shattering or about an important topic where I would call it brilliant.  If people like Russell continue to feed the egos of people like Kanye on a constant basis then we will never progress. I know why, because he likes his ego inflated as well but there is a time to get beyond that.

The more you keep excusing bad behavior, the more it will keep rearing its ugly head. Kanye needed to apologize and he needed to do it a lot sooner. Russell you should have said something, should have found a way to show him how to play the game and what to do to actually make a difference. But then again, the only difference Russell cares about is the one in his bank account so I shouldn't have expected more than that.


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