The worst diss ever

by now the talk of the town well laugh actually, is the diss by "King" MC Hammer to Jay-z , "Better Run Run". I'm all for good beef and competition in hip-hop but this isn't that case. See apparently, Hammer was upset by being used as a punchline on Jay-z's verse in Kanye's "So Appalled" as Jay talked about dropping 30 mil a la the bankrupt MC Hammer. So Hammer says he's going to drop some knowledge and expose Jay on Halloween.

that's the best that you could come up with. What the fuck is this bullshit Hammer? Somehow all these bit roles in the various sagas of Tupac that have been attributed to you must have gone to your damn head homie. There is less than rumor in this wack ass song and I have to feel sorry for your kids and the people dancing in this video. The guy who played Jay-z I bet he doesn't want anyone to see his face. Man, I don't want to remember you like this Hammer. So to wash that out of my memory:


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