I agree X, F the industry...

So things are heating up in hip-hop as the weather cools. DMX, who apparently isn't in jail for once, gets on stage in Arizona no less, and let's off some steam about the current state of hip-hop.-Note, turn the volume down if there are kids or sensitive adults around.

You know why (once you get part the Jay-z shot), is because X is a real cat. He will always have a market and people will forever wait eagerly for his music even though he has sort of let people down with his last few releases. He's ultimately extra correct about what he says the topic of hip-hop is right now. Unfortunately, the bulk of listeners right now are in denial about their own plight and don't want any semblance of reality. The modern hip-hop consumer is about listening to music that allows them to escape from their lives and feel bigger than what they are in their current lives.


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